In the event of inclement weather causing us to close school or have a late arrival, we send an email to you (provided we have power), and will post the news on our Facebook page.   Our school closing number is 3003, and can be accessed either online at or by watching CBS 3 or UPN 57.  WE WILL NOT USE A PHONE CHAIN FOR REGULAR SNOW DAY CLOSINGS.  We will only use our phone chain for mid-day or sudden changes, or to pass important messages to our parents.

“Late Arrival” Procedure:  When mornings are snowy and require late arrivals, all classes  will be held for one and one-half hours following this schedule:

                                    All AM classes will meet from 11:15 AM until 12:45 PM

                                    All PM classes* except our PM 2’s-3’s  will meet from 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM

                  ( *2’s-3’s PM class will be held 1:00-2:30 )

                   Full Day Classes will meet from 11:15 - 2:30

Please remember that when we do open on a snowy day, if your vehicle or route seems unsafe, you are encouraged not to make the trip.