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Mission of the Month for November 2020

 Jon and Cindi Hampshire

Organization: Wycliffe Bible Translators

              Our missionaries for November are Jon and Cindi Hampshire, serving with Wycliffe Bible Translators.  Jon and Cindi began work with Wycliffe in 1988 and serve with SIL Eastern Congo Group – supporting the work of Bible translation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Jon serves as branch director, overseeing the work of Bible translation, literacy, and scripture engagement in the DRC. Cindi serves as one of the bookkeepers for the branch, as well as prayer coordinator. They reside in Bunia, a town located in the east of the country where their office is located. Jon and Cindi love to see Bible translation move forward in the Congo, and to see Congolese believers hold key leadership positions in the Bible translation movement. They too have been affected by the pandemic and are grateful for their health. Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, and some insecurity in the areas just outside of town, they have not traveled more than 4 miles from their home in the past 8 months. An additional prayer request:  “Our prayer is to be able to travel to Uganda in December to spend some time with our daughter and son-in-law and our granddaughter who we have only met through photos and video chats. We are praying that permissions will be granted so that we can fly from Bunia to Uganda. As of this month, it is not possible. May God open the way for us to go and have family time and a much needed vacation.”

     They greatly appreciate the prayer and financial support given them by Supplee since they began working with Wycliffe. Here is their recent update:

“We do need a break and, Lord-willing, we will get one soon. We are booked to travel with MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) from Bunia to Entebbe, Uganda on Monday, November 30th. Travel here, for a number of reasons, is still a challenge.  If the flight is direct from Bunia to Entebbe it will be the first direct flight in about 9 months. It is more likely that the flight will go through one of the border towns of Goma or Aru, DRC – both requiring a bit more work for both the pilots and the passengers. Either way, the weather has to cooperate for these flights, we have to have negative COVID-19 tests, and the government would need to keep the borders for travel open – none of these things are given. Pray that we will indeed be able to travel, by some means, to Uganda in two weeks. We look forward to spending the month of December with Kristy, William, and Evie and celebrating the Christmas and New Year’s holidays with them. Lord-willing, we will return to the DRC at the beginning of January.
Thanks for your love and prayers for our family.
 Jon and Cindi