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May Mission of the Month 

Jon and Cindi Hampshire

9037 Stonebury Way
Orlando, FL 32832
Jon’s mobile: +243 825 805 948
Cindi’s mobile: +243 825 813 487
Organization: Wycliffe Bible Translators

Jon and Cindi Hampshire have served with Wycliffe Bible
Translators since 1988 and work with SIL Eastern Congo Group –
supporting the work of Bible translation in the Democratic
Republic of the Congo (DRC). Jon is the branch director and
Cindi serves as one of the bookkeepers for the branch, as well as
prayer coordinator. They live in Bunia, a town in the east of the
country. Jon and Cindi have expressed that they greatly
appreciate the prayer and financial support that Supplee has
given them for almost 30 years. Their organization is supporting
about 30 Bible translation projects – providing Bible translation
training and consulting so that the speakers of those languages
can have God’s Word in their heart language. Pray for wisdom
for Jon in providing leadership during these challenging times in
the DRC. While the Coronavirus has not significantly affected
their work, other issues such as insecurity in their part of the DRC
do affect the work. Road travel is not safe so much of their travel
is done by air on MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) airplanes.
Pray for good health and safety. Jon and Cindi are planning to be
in the US for 2 months in June and July. Pray for all of the
planning that needs to take place to make this trip possible.