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     Mission of the Month – September

Jerusha Karraker
Email: Jerusha.karraker@cru.org
Organization: Cru—Campus Crusade for Chris

In August I hit my 20 year mark of staff with Cru!
Crazy, right? I am back at the University of Oregon,
coaching staff and helping to launch Destino, our movement
to reach Latin/Hispanic students, which is the second
largest demographic here in Oregon. Currently, I am still
waiting for the Australian immigration department to approve
a new labor agreement, which should allow me to return to
Sydney. That, however, is expected to take another year, so
I will continue here in Eugene as one of the team leaders.
In addition to leading the local team I have accepted the
position of Local Mission Director, which means I will be
coaching and leading the campus teams in Seattle,
Portland, Corvallis and here in Eugene. I am excited about
the opportunity to give greater leadership in our region, as
well as help launch new movements around the Pacific
Northwest and the world. One of our focuses this year will
be giving vision to the global aspect of our mission, sending
staff and students to our partnerships around the world and
forming new partnerships. One of the bright spots in this aim
was heading to Central Asia in August for a summer
Please pray for:
-Wisdom as I am taking on the LMD (local mission director)
role for the I-5 corridor.
-The labor agreement and visa- that it would be approved
quickly. It’s been hard waiting so long, not sure how to plan,
and how to best invest where I am now with an eye to the