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Mission of the Month July 

Greater Europe Mission – Liz Loeffler


28 Calvary Drive, Lancaster, PA 17601

On Loan to Entrusts – Women-to-Women Ministry Training

Many of you know Liz Loeffler, a missionary we have been supporting for many years. When we started supporting her about 25 years ago, she was living in Austria and working with missionaries in what were then the “Iron Curtain” countries. Then she moved to Moscow and lived there for many years, training the women of Russia to be Bible Study leaders on their own with materials from Entrusts Women to Women Ministries. She trained groups from western Russia all the way to Vladisvostok on the Pacific Ocean.

These were done in person—before Zoom! She returned to the US and worked from Colorado under Greater Europe Mission on loan to Entrust writing materials and supporting groups again in Europe and in Asia, traveling the globe. When the Mission offices were closed because everyone could work from home using technology, Liz moved to Lancaster, PA, where she still works training people as group facilitators— both men and women now–how to do inductive Bible Study and lead small groups through churches all over the world.

She has had some serious health issues in the past few years, but continues to work full time. Her latest is a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease…

“Thanks so much to my family at Supplee who has been so faithful and
steady through the decades to support me in the ministry He has called me to.
Pray for the stamina I need and good time management to juggle my challenging schedule.


Each month a different mission or missionary is highlighted in the Supplement and in the services.  A special offering is collected by Supplee for the Mission of the Month; it goes to the mission or missionary highlighted that month as a special gift. In your giving, just designate it Mission of the Month to be sure it goes to that missionary.

In July this gift will be going to Liz Loeffler – Greater Europe Mission.

Please pray for this amazing ministry.