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 9:30 am for our worship service

 10:45 am for Education hour for all ages


Projected Date is Sunday July 19, 2020

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Supplee Stories

Hear Their Stories

Rick Stechert

I discovered the Lord late in life at age 37.  God answered me the first time I prayed, has never forsaken me, has transformed my life, and blessed me richly ever since.  

The Lord showed me my purpose in life (Teaching the Word of God to our youth group).  As a builder I have also been able to use my God given talent to further His word through mission and volunteer work.

Supplee has offered many opportunities to to serve the Lord and increase my faith. 

Maddie Grace

I grew up in a home where having a faith was promoted and nourished by my family. However, when I entered middle school, I kind of lost sight of my faith and stopped attending church or really thinking about god or my relationship with him.

Right around when this started happening my brother was in confirmation class at Supplee and convinced me to come Christmas caroling with him at the church. There is where I met the youth pastor Evan and the youth group. They were an extremely inviting group and I ended up going on the annual church winter retreat with them.

As time went on I started attending supplee’s Sunday night youth group meetings and then eventually church on Sunday mornings. Through supplee and the youth group I was able to rebuild my relationship with God and through them I will continue to learn and grow even more.